Saturday 11 August 2012

Buttered Popcorn-Alzheimer

Buttered Popcorn Flavoring Linked to Alzheimer's

Title: Buttered Popcorn Flavoring Linked to Alzheimer's
Category: Health News
Created: 8/9/2012 11:00:00 AM
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Quality Merchandise-Functional Products-Precious Memories-Caregiver Burnout-Immediate Family

Creative Ways to Preserve Memories in Alzheimer's Disease

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's or another dementia, you might feel an urgency about capturing precious memories. One person described it like trying to hold wet sand in her hands and having the ocean waves make it slip through her fingers....Read Full Post read more..

Caregiver burnout: avoiding a complete breakdown

When you are taking care of a parent with Alzheimer's, you are trying to cope with your own grief over their illnesses, help them with their feelings of loss, keep them safe, make your immediate family reasonably content and work at your job. You are wearing out, but caregiver guilt won't let you say – enough! read more..

Functional products preserve dignity

Dear Readers: It’s rare for me to write about a specific product because there are generally competing businesses that offer quality merchandise. A package that recently arrived in my mail prompted me to make an exception. It contained samples of stylish clothing protection that replaces the function of bibs. read more..

Thursday 9 August 2012


Caregiving: What Would You Do Differently if You Were to Start Over?

As a seasoned caregiver of multiple elders, I can choose to torture myself with my perceived failures at being a perfect caregiver, or I can choose to forgive myself for being imperfect, and recognize that I did the best I could at the time. You have the same choice. read more..


Drug May Slow Memory Loss in Early Alzheimer's

Title: Drug May Slow Memory Loss in Early Alzheimer's
Category: Health News
Created: 8/7/2012 11:01:00 AM
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Don't feel guilty if you want a second opinion

Don't feel guilty if you want a second opinion

...Whatever the case, we do have the right to question a doctor's advice or diagnosis, ask for an explanation, and if we aren't satisfied, look for a second opinion. But the issue becomes more complicated when we question a life-long family doctor that our elders trust. read more..

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Medication Reactions-Friends And Family-Dementia Symptoms

When the Caregiver Shows Symptoms of Dementia

...If you find yourself exhibiting disturbing symptoms that you notice yourself, or friends and family gently bring up to you, don't immediately decide that you, too, have dementia. Other issues that can make you feel as though you are having dementia symptoms are medication reactions or interactions, infections and lack of sleep. read more..


When Your Loved One Says 'I Want to Go Home'

"I want to go home." Nearly any person caring for an elder with dementia has heard this heartbreaking plea, even if the elder is home. It's fairly well accepted by dementia experts that the "home" most elders want to return to is their childhood home, because in later stages of Alzheimer's that is where, in their minds, "home" is. read more..

University Of Massachusetts Medical School-Wallerian Degeneration-Nervous System

Staying Alive: Freed of a Single Gene, Severed Axons Defy Death

The nervous system keeps a tidy house. When axons get cut off from their cell bodies, they break down within days, their pieces swept away by the immune system in a process known as Wallerian degeneration. Now in the June 7 Science, researchers led by Marc Freeman at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, report that it is possible to interrupt this cleanup by deleting a single gene... read more..